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The Secret to this Magician's Incredible Floating Bulb Trick Revealed!


The Incredible Floating Bulb Illusion

This illusion was created by the artist, Tony Robbin. He wanted to convey the idea of how humans perceive things in different ways. This is why he made the bulb look like it's floating in midair.

Incredible Floating Bulb


The Incredible Floating Bulb Illusion is made up of a light bulb with a metal rod attached to it and a transparent glass vase with water inside. The bulb is lit up so that it looks like it’s floating in midair. It looks so real that you can see the water droplets dripping down from the light bulb onto the vase below, which makes this illusion even more believable.

Great Magician Floating Light Bulb

The Great Magician Floating Light Bulb is a light bulb that levitates. It was created by a team of inventors in China. The idea for the light bulb came from the idea that people would be more inclined to turn on lights if they are not restricted to being on the ground.

The levitating light bulb is made up of two parts, an LED lamp and a magnetic base with a copper coil inside. The coil creates an electromagnetic field which creates the levitation effect.

Get The Best Great Magician Floating Light Bulbs For Your Home or Office

The best magician floating light bulbs are a great way to add a little magic to your home or office.

These light bulbs are not just for show. They can also be used as night lights, mood lighting, and more!

This article will go over the different types of magician floating light bulbs and how you can use them in your home or office.






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