NotNodi® Cool Travel Pillow

 A unique new travel pillow that revolutionises the prospect of interstate and overseas travel is striking the market simply in time for travel restrictions to ease. The Australian-designed pillow NotNodi is that the production of Nicole Halsall, WHO designed the pillow in conjunction with poet Design’s student-led style studio, the Bureau, for product analysis, testing and promoting development. And it’s something however another travel pillow. It’s a very new way to correct posture, permitting straightforward respiration, sanctioning a more robust sleep and reducing muscle and mental fatigue.

Cool Travel Pillow

Using her expertise within the medical and aged care sector, Nicole was impressed to make a product that supported her head and neck in a very natural position once sleeping.

She conjointly is aware of a issue or 2 concerning neck pain. She had a horse-riding accident years past, which required plastic surgery, giving her new insights into the importance of posture.

Pre-pandemic, her husband Scott was flying in and out weekly, yarn horror stories of scrunching up a jacket as a pillow, shoulder to shoulder between alternative business travellers on his manner home.

Cool Travel Pillow

“He knew precisely what was required for the perfect travel pillow. His criteria was easy. It should eliminate head drooping once at rest on short haul flights, give natural head and neck support to push healthy sleep on long flights, should not create him look ridiculous on a business flight, and should work easily in his carry-on baggage,” Nicole says.

She set concerning developing a product that addresses these core health concerns: the dearth of support creating next pain, the lack to prevent head nod, strain on shoulder and back muscles, and overheating created by neck braces, which can conjointly impact blood flow.

The pandemic was a blessing in disguise, sanctioning the team to tinker with the look throughout Victoria’s extended lockdowns and check the protypes for extended. The team has currently self-addressed these core concerns by planning a product that promotes a healthier travel expertise, thus you'll sleep comfortably while not impacting your health.

“Over the past year we’ve become terribly skillful at operative remotely and collaborating mistreatment Trello boards, email, conference calls, chat rooms and Zoom conferences with the team.

“It has been quite an challenge to nail each one of his criteria, however we have a tendency to finally passed with flying colors, and I’m excited to launch NotNodi into the globe. “Swinburne style has been a massively valuable piece of the puzzle, serving to America navigate our manner through the promoting and social media part to support our future crowdfunding strategy and serving to to market the merchandise,” she says.

“We’ve spent the past eighteen months fine-tuning NotNodi, with one eye on usability and therefore the alternative on production. several iterations, long hours and copious amounts of occasional later, we’ve created the foremost unique travel pillow on the market,” Nicole says.

“My husband loves the very fact that it’s nearly invisible. None of the opposite passengers even realise he’s using a travel pillow. As he travels lightweight, he’s conjointly demanded the look should be compact, as he only uses atiny low cabin bag for brief visits and wasn't curious about carrying a pillow around with him all day.”

“Before Covid, I white-haired move overseas as typically as we have a tendency to might, however I forever had to set up many days of recovery from the long flights. On the rare occasion that i might nod off on a flight, i might wake with terrible neck pain. i do know I’m not alone. I’ve come upon such a lot of individuals with neck problems over the years operating within the health trade, and end of the day flights ar unthinkable  for several,” she says.

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