Wainlux Laser Cutter Engraver

 Laser engraving is that the most well-liked technique for marking surfaces and applying text, logos, images and patterned styles on objects. it's wide applications for business, art and crafts.

Wainlux Laser Cutter Engraver

 With the discharge of the Wainlux L3 – 10W Twin-Beams Desktop optical maser Engraver & Cutter, users have an inspired tool that's powerful, fast, correct and simple to use. It’s the right outlet for power and offers users the ability to customise just about any surface or item.

Wainlux Laser Cutter Engraver

“We have years of expertise making optical maser technologies and elements for prime OEM makers.

Recently, we have a tendency to took that experience and launched our own series of optical maser engravers and cutters. Working

directly with shoppers has educated North American country valuable lessons concerning what finish users want. That feedback helped

us style our latest unharness, the Wainlux L3. It’s the foremost powerful and cheap twin beam engraver

cutter on the market and offers manufacturers the right combination of high performance and simple use. Our

twin beam technology makes quick, precise cuts while not the sting burn that's common with different lasers.

The results represent themselves, Byzantine styles, bigger detail, and additional uniform patterns.” Wainlux


The Wainlux L3 uses a compressed optical maser dot of 10W that's powerful enough to chop through a 5mm

board in mere one pass. It wants fewer passes to chop deeper than different engraver/cutters in its category, so

the ensuing kerf is barely larger than the shaft of light itself. This makes it doable to realize terribly fine

details with less edge burning on the surface of the fabric. The convergency power beams undergo a

FAC optic, that compresses the optical maser into associate eighty um spot with high output potency up to ninety seven.5%.

Wainlux L3 is intuitive and straightforward to use with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and has options that create it

easy to realize good results. It takes the dead reckoning out of focus setup with a one-touch optical device

using a distance detector, encompasses a Live Preview mode for correct pattern placement, associated has an extended

working space appropriate for batch production therefore users will engrave or cut many objects at just the once

without resetting the device.

With 10W twin beam power, single pass 5mm material cutting and unbelievable preciseness, the Wainlux L3

gives users prime performance, affordability, and unlimited power. Wainlux L3 is out there currently on

Kickstarter with special evaluation and incentives. Learn additional here:

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